Jeremy Cohen has extensive teaching experience.In over 30 years of teaching he has taught hundreds of students in both private lessons and classes. There have been a few notable students, but the majority of students have been teenagers and adults who wanted to learn how to play bass. Many of these were complete beginners when they began taking lessons. Jeremy is most proud of those beginners who stuck with it and progressed to playing in bands.

What it is all about is playing the bass with other musicians!
(not the hokey pokey, despite popular belief).

If you are interested in taking lessons, send an email to:

Private lessons are available in Berkeley, California

Aspects of bass playing covered are:

  • Music Theory
  • Left Hand Technique--three and four fret positions
  • Right Hand Technique--fingers, thumb (slapping), pick
  • Muting
  • Walking Bass Lines
  • Blues and 50's Rock Bass Lines
  • Motown and Funk Bass Lines
  • Brazilian and Reggae Bass Lines
  • Chord Arpeggios
  • Scales
  • Improvisation
  • Connection Notes
  • Fills
  • Reading
  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm Training
  • History of Electric Bass
  • Instrument Maintenance and Set-Up
  • Famous Recorded Basslines
  • Harmonics
  • Chords on the bass
  • and MORE!

Notable Teaching Positions

Teaching experience has included:

  • Private bass lessons
  • Groups bass classes,
  • Music theory classes,
  • Band workshops
  • Blue Bear School of American Music
  • East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
  • UC Berkeley Jazz Ensembles
  • SoundWall Music Camp
  • UC Berkeley Young Musicians Program
  • National Summer Guitar Workshop

Notable Students

Students include bassists as well as vocalists and instrumentalists who were in classes:

  • Bass Players of Albany High School (Albany, CA)
  • Bass Players of Berkeley High School (Berkeley, CA)
  • Bass Players of King Jr. High and Willard Jr. High School (Berkeley, CA)
  • Bass Players of Albany Middle School (Albany, CA)
  • Matt Freeman (Rancid, Operation Ivy)
  • Arion Salazar (Third Eye Blind)
  • John Wiitala (SF area jazz bassist)
  • Jeff Narell (noted steel drummer)
  • Joshua Redman (Grammy-winning saxophonist)
  • Ari Gorman (LA session Player)
  • Ed Rhodes (LA session player)
  • Donna Ozawa (Cover Grrlz)
  • Glen Fajardo (bassist for Olga Salamanca)
  • Raz Kennedy (SF studio singer and producer)
  • Dennis Criteser (asst. director of Blue Bear School of Music)
  • Lisa B. (vocalist/recording artist)
  • Howard Wiley (saxophonist/recording artist)
  • Andrew Higgins (S.F. area bassist)