Songs from Jazz Express Songs from Adama
Late Nite T.V. Shabechi Yerushalyim
Harvest Moon Lo Yisa Goi
  Israeli folk dances
The West Coast Jazz Octet
14 songs Recorded live at Roosters, Alameda, CA
Dig my solo on Suze Blues at about  4:25.
Hora medley

The songs below are all original. I wrote all the music and the lyrics. The musicians were given sheet music and a few verbal instructions and recording was done live in one or two takes.

Good Condition Leave A Message A Picture Traffic Jam
Words and Music Apricot Jam Late Nite T.V.
demo version
Blinking lights

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There are many audio samples of cover tunes recorded with The City Lights Band here.
This is a very successful band which plays often for upscale events in the Napa Valley.


Songs from The Diamonds -- recorded in 1966 -- my first band

I'm singing lead and playing the sax...I hadn't started my bass playing career yet.

Wooly Bully

All Day and All of the Night

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Ronnie, Richie, Ernie, Jeremy