the secret life of notes
on Mel Bay's Bass Sessions website


review of the MXR bass octave deluxe pedal
on  effectsbay.com


Jeremy was mentioned in the Bass Player Magazine August 09 Issue:
read the last paragraph!


review of the Wendler electroCoustic Bass
on the Wendler website


In addition to my musical career, I have also taught classes in computers
to children and edited and written textbooks for those classes. I've also written manuals and instructional material for a few other companies.


Teacher's Manual  written for grade 7-9 computer classes


Manual for Clipshack (a video sharing company)


Computer textbook for grade k-3 students


Another k-3 textbook


Another of my careers is coaching swimming. I coach at a masters swim team (competitive and fitness swimming for adults).

I've written many hours of workouts for the swimmers.
Let me know if you want me to post any of them.